Michael Sousa

Executive Director

Favourite Player: Michael Jordan, Gary Payton (The Glove), Penny Hardaway, Allen Iverson (Georgetown), Paul Pierce (The Truth), Ray Allen (Supersonics), Carmelo Anthony (Syracuse), Dwight Howard (Orlando)
Favourite Movie & Food: Brave Heart & Steak or Sushi.
Coaching Experience: 20+ years of coaching with MUMBA & (1994-2000) MUMBA Rep Player
Why is basketball and coaching youth important to you? “Knowing the positive impact it had on me as a youth playing basketball and the relationships I made with leaders in the basketball community and society overall. I know how important basketball as a vehicle is to teach our youth life skills and make/build relationships.”


Basil Glezakos

Director – Membership Services

Favourite Player: Michael Jordan
Favourite Movie & Food: Coach Carter/Remember the Titans & Chicken Parmesan or Sushi
Coaching Experience: 15+ years of coaching with MUMBA & Player for MUMBA in 90’s
Why is basketball and coaching youth important to you? “I coach basketball because I love the game that helped build my life skills. I love the competition and comradery that basketball brings. I love the relationships that you build with the players and families and see them grow season over season.”